My friend Seany Boy linked me up with Santiago and "Within" @Within_Seekers to help them put together an epic tour music video. Made some awesome stops at some great festivals. Idaho, San Diego, Tahoe, and Lake Perris. Was for sure a blast and we got some epic content.

Discover the gorgeous Palawan islands shot from above and below. Located in the southwestern part of the Philippines, Palawan consists of over 700 remote islands - many still uninhabited today. Special thanks to TAO Philippines (, the only company that allows you to fully experience the raw beauty of this epic landscape in a traditional paraw sailboat. Also, thanks to Tabanka Divers ( and Bacuit Tours ( . Produced by Periscope Creative ( Shot + edited by Scott McFarlane Original score composed by Noor Che'ree and the amazing Symphonic Planet Team ( and featuring vocals by my talented wife, Lindsey McFarlane . Equipment: DJI Mavic Pro in 4K, GoPro Hero4 Black, iPhone 7+ For more videos and 4k footage licensing information: Follow me on Instagram @scott_mcfarlane

Composer: Noor Che'ree String Arrangement/ Mixing/ Violins/ Editor: Jonas Petersen Photography/ Cello: Michelle Packman Art/Design/Winds: Audrey Zindler Sound Editing/ Co-editor: Cameron Combe
The Wude performs The Wander live at SoCaL Reggae HQ Special thanks to NS Design and the CR5 Radius Bass
In loving memory of John Johnson Sr.. One of my dearest friends Kyle and his family suffered the tremendous loss of their father. One evening he came to visit me picked up one my guitars and sang this song that touched me, I was inspired to pick up a bass and compliment his message in this piece of music he wrote for his father. - The first single off of southern California country artist Alice Wallace's album "Memories, Music & Pride." Featuring Tom Bremer on guitar, Jeremy Long on keys, Noor Che'ree on double bass and Joshua Tate Huppert on drums. Album recording features Robert Bowman on double bass.

ABOUT THE EPISODE: Welcome back Wakandans, this episode continues the epic story of redemption as KIng T'Challa strives to save our country from self destruction by unearthing the true roots of this conflict. ABOUT THE PRODUCTION: The Workhorse team is finally back! And as usual, we pulled this project together with a shoestring budget... 

Composers: Noor Che'ree and Desmond Jackson